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    The performance of pvc curtain   Cold, heat preservation, energy saving, insect proof, dust proof, wind proof, moisturizing, fireproof, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet Line, sound insulation, lighting, safety warning, accident prevention. The usage of pvc curtain Suitable for dry and co...
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  • What Profile Is Silicone Rubber Sheet?What Are The Characteristics And Uses Of Silicone Rubber?

    Silicone rubber sheet is a very special material, which is widely used, including the construction industry. Therefore, it is used when building and renovating houses. What profile is the silicone rubber sheet? Silicone rubber sheet is actually made of silicone rubber, and silicone rubber can be ...
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  • Terms related to natural rubber

    Terms related to natural rubber

    This standard specifies the general terms related to rubber species and their processing technology, equipment and performance in the natural raw rubber profession. This standard is applicable to the compilation and exchange of technical documents, books and materials related to natural raw rubbe...
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  • How To Choose Curtains In Daily Life

    How To Choose Curtains In Daily Life

    Pvc Door Curtain can effectively prevent the loss of cold air or hot air, so they can also be used in cold storage and places where cold protection is required, and Insect-Proofing Strip Curtains can also be used as partition screens. 1. Pay attention to the functionality of curtains   Curta...
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  • TPE


    Knowledge popularization: The full name of TPE is ‘thermoplastic elastomer’, which is the abbreviation of Thermoplasticrubber. It is a kind of elastomer that has the elasticity of rubber at room temperature and can be plasticized at high temperature. The structural feature of thermop...
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  • Natural rubber sheet

    The popular science knowledge:   Natural rubber has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, natural rubber has good elasticity at room temperature, this is because the molecular chain of natural rubber is amorphous at room temperature, molecular chain flexibility is good.  Th...
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    Application scenario: It is widely used in laying of mining equipment truck, conveyor belt, drum wrapping glue, cow shed, horse shed, etc., so that the friction force is stronger and the equipment is protected from being damaged.   Popular Science knowledge:   Rubber bag is important in a ...
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  • Advantage of Cow rubber mat

    Advantage of Cow rubber mat Cow rubber mat can prevent limb hoof disease, joint disease, skin disease. The morbidity is obviously decreased compared with cement floor and wooden floor. Flat, clean, comfortable, nice, good anti-slip effect. With elasticity and special design on the surface, cow ...
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  • Excellent reasons to install a strip door(1)

    Strip doors provide cost-effective energy control As time proven, low maintenance, reliable and cost effective, strip doors are the cheapest way to make loss of energy, or heat-gain into a controlled temperature environment such as a cool room or freezer. Even just an air conditioned building wit...
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  • New side curtain for refrigerated trailers

    The Good will refrigerated curtain system kit includes an 84-inch Kin-Slider aluminum roller track; three five-wheel rollers; standard size 26 ounces. PVC commercial grade curtains-60 inches wide x 102 inches long, counterweight; and four hook and loop fasteners.SanHe Great Wall‘s released ...
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  • Increasing for the cost, but no reducing for the orders

     In the recent half year, the cost of PVC material keep increasing every day, the cost of sea freight increased several times, but our orders didn’t reduce. 1.  Production is in full swing 2.  Pallets packing, ready to  be loaded 3.  Loading and ready to deliver to our port We are always appr...
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  • How to choose PVC strip curtains?

    Normal temperature, we suggest Standard PVC strip curtains. Low temperature, we suggest Polar PVC strip curtains. In workshop, we suggest Welding PVC strip curtains. In warehouse, we suggest Ribbed PVC strip curtains. For more chosen, please contact with us. Common Uses and Benefits of PVC Strip ...
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